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Breast Reconstruction

Cover of the book "Understanding Breast Reconstruction: Empower Your CHoice" multiple authors

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy can be performed using breast implants, and with your own tissues. We are a major referral center and commonly perform these procedures.

Breast reconstruction improves quality of life in all parts of life including physical, mental, emotional and sexual well-being. Reconstruction improves how women feel about their body and body image.  Woman who choose reconstruction have high satisfaction with the results no matter what way they choose to have reconstruction performed.

Before consultation we will ask you to fill out forms and bring them with you. The form is called the BREAST Q.

This form gives us important information about how you feel about your body. We will have you fill this out again after your surgery and during your recovery.

We are constantly looking to improve how breast reconstruction is performed.  Our breast reconstruction patients are an important part of this effort.

Here is a link to another document that you can review before your consult. It goes over what you can expect going through the breast reconstruction process.

Breast Reconstruction Textbook:

This book will help you understand the options for breast reconstruction and be empowered to make the best choice that you can based on the best available evidence. The key points from scientific studies are presented in a way that is accessible to patients and their families. This book will give patients and their care team the information that they need to make an informed choice.

Understanding Breast Reconstruction: Empower Your Choice Textbook (Amazon - Click Here)

We thank all of the physicians and our patients that have contributed to this work.

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