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Dr. Mark McRae

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I am a plastic surgeon that is board certified in Canada and the United States.


My work is based out of St Joseph’s Healthcare, McMaster University. As a twin and former athlete, I place a high value on the team approach to patient care. Collaboration with other plastic surgeons, physicians from other disciplines, and allied health providers, help me best approach and treat a wide range of conditions.


As a plastic surgeon it is my mission to help restore form and function to the human body.

Areas of particular specialization in my practice include breast reconstruction and facial reconstruction. For the breast we provide the full range of procedures including microvascular perforator flap and implant based procedures. For the face we treat complex cases, some coming from far distances, for nasal reconstruction, rhinoplasty, facial paralysis and surgeries of the orbit and eyelid. 


Beyond these specialty areas, I have a broad based practice that includes the full range of general plastic surgery including surgery of the hand.


I have a passion for education and it is this passion that led me to McMaster University.

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